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Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Tuesday 16 Apr 2019

Macron: we will rebuild Notre Dame cathedral

France’s President Emmanuel Macron vowed yesterday that the spire and roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, which collapsed in a huge blaze yesterday, will be rebuilt. One of the country’s richest men, Francois-Henri Pinault, has already pledged €100m (£86m) towards the billions that restoring the 850-year-old landmark will cost.

London climate protests: police make 113 arrests

Police have arrested 113 people in London for obstructing busy city-centre roads in a protest for climate change action led by the group Extinction Rebellion. Activists camped overnight after blocking routes yesterday. Police began moving people from Waterloo Bridge in the early hours of this morning, on public order offences. 

One fifth of teachers ‘want out within two years’

A poll by the Education Union suggests that almost one fifth of teachers expect to leave the profession within the next two years, with the high workload and “excessive” accountability cited as reasons, along with Ofsted inspections and school league tables. The survey also found that two fifths plan to leave within five years. 

Trump faces Republican challenge for presidency

The first Republican who intends to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency of the US in 2020 has declared. Bill Weld is a former governor of Massachusetts who stood as the Libertarian candidate for the vice-presidency in 2016. The 73-year-old faces an “uphill struggle” to take over a party “refashioned” in Trump’s image, the BBC says.

DNA analysis shines light on Stonehenge builders

DNA analysis has revealed the ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge came from Anatolia, the Asian part of Turkey, and moved to Britain via the Iberian peninsula, part of a migration that replaced an earlier hunter-gatherer population with farmers. They reached Britain about 900 years before the first building at Stonehenge.

May pressured to end Brexit talks with Labour

Theresa May is under pressure from within her own party to end the talks on Brexit she his holding with the Opposition, according to The Guardian. The newspaper says neither party wants to appear responsible for the breakdown of the discussions but the Conservatives fear heavy losses in the local elections if a deal is not made first.

Driver who filmed crash slips through loophole

A man who filmed a car crash near his home while he was himself driving has had a conviction overturned because a judge ruled the prohibition against phones at the wheel only applies to using them for communication. The High Court will now rule on the case. Ramsey Barreto was spotted by police as he drove past the crash.

US local paper wins Pulitzer for massacre issue

A local newspaper in Maryland has won the most prestigious prize in journalism, the Pulitzer, for its coverage of a massacre in its own newsroom. Five staff were murdered by a gunman in June 2018, allegedly by a man with a long-standing grudge against the paper who is still on trial. Staff at the paper are said to have celebrated quietly.

Amazon ‘flooded with fake five-star reviews’

Consumer group Which? says that online retail site Amazon is flooded with fake five-star reviews. Which? found that the top reviews for products are dominated by unfamiliar brands, many of them unverified, meaning there is no way to know if they are real or not. Amazon insisted it was using automated technology to weed out fakes.

Why Norway refuses to drill for oil worth billions

Norway’s parliament has dealt a blow to the nation’s vast oil industry by withdrawing support for explorative drilling off the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic.

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