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The most brazen coronavirus lockdown breaches

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Police coronavirus
Police coronavirus

A police officer asks a driver whether their travel is essential

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Police coronavirus

Police stop people on fishing trips and those having house parties with DJs

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Thursday, April 9, 2020 - 3:26pm

Police chiefs have called on the government to tighten coronavirus lockdown measures amid fears that many could flout the rules over the sunny bank holiday weekend.

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London mayor Sadiq Khan suggested further restrictions may be put in place. “The Met Police will be busy patrolling parks and open spaces across London this weekend – urging Londoners to do the right thing and follow the rules. 

“I desperately want us to be able to keep our green spaces open for the millions of people that need them for essential walks and exercise – but that means everyone doing the right thing.”

Some London parks closed last weekend, and police said on Wednesday that 30 people ran from officers after being found playing a cricket match in Kensal Green, north London, reports The Guardian.

These are some of the other brazen attempts to sidestep the coronavirus lockdown.

24-hour party people

Greater Manchester Police was forced to break up 660 parties last weekend.

“That included 494 house parties – some with DJs, fireworks and bouncy castles – and 166 street parties,” says the BBC.

Chief constable Ian Hopkins said that “each and every one of us need take this seriously”, while Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham said such behaviour was “completely unacceptable”.

"They are putting everybody at risk,” said Burnham.

Window of opportunity

A driver breached the coronavirus lockdown to go and pick up some £15 windows with his wife in the boot of his car.

The man was pulled over by police on the M6 in Cheshire after collecting the windows, and told police his wife had to sit in the boot because she “could not fit in the vehicle” for the journey back to Coventry.


North West Motorway Police issued the man with a traffic offence report.

You’re licked

Police arrested two men after they were seen on CCTV allegedly licking their hands and then wiping them on vegetables, meat and fridge handles in a Morecambe Sainsbury’s.

Supermarket staff were forced to thoroughly disinfect the store and destroy products, Lancashire Police said.

Inspector James Martin said the behaviour was “flabbergasting”.

Couldn’t worm their way out of a fine

Two men were fined by police after making a 100-mile round trip to dig for worms.

Howick Coastguard Rescue Team and their colleagues from Seahouses were joined by Northumbria Police officers, after lights were spotted at Emblestones at Low Newton on Tuesday evening, reports the Northumberland Gazette.

A spokesperson for Howick Coastguard said: “The search team quickly located two males who were digging for worms during the low water period.

“The search team maintained their social distancing and escorted the pair back to the Coastguard rendezvous point.

“The pair were given stern words of advice by both HM Coastguard and also Northumbria Police officers on scene.

“This was a totally needless and certainly non-essential journey… the country has been closed down for a reason.”

White cliffs, red faces

Police in Dover moved on a group of people who had travelled from Croydon in south London for a fishing trip.

Port of Dover Police said: “Our PCs dispersed a group of people this morning that had travelled all the way down from Croydon to fish off Shakespeare Beach.

“Please adhere to government instructions, if you don’t, you’ll be dealt with under the new legislation.”

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