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CNN Trump Nigeria Ban Video – Real Reason Why Trump Banned Nigeria Exposed ! Does Trump Hate Nigerians ? Find out !

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A report by Zakaria on the immigrant visa ban imposed on Nigeria by the Donald Trump administration trended yesterday on social media.

A top American journalist with CNN, Fareed Zakaria, has analysed why the recent decision of the United States government to impose immigrant visa restrictions on Nigeria “does not make sense.”The US government had justified the restriction on the basis of national security concerns, claiming that the affected countries have gaps in their security protocols surrounding travel which exposed the US to terror threats.

A report by Zakaria on the immigrant visa ban imposed on Nigeria by the Donald Trump administration trended yesterday on social media. The presenter of a weekly programme on CNN, GPS, made a case for Nigeria, saying US authorities justified the ban with national security concerns but data available proved otherwise.

Citing CATO institute, Zakaria said four of the six countries listed in the ban – Nigeria, Myanmar, Tanzania, and Eritrea – had no records on terror-related deaths caused by foreign-born attackers between 1975 and 2017. “The argument does not really make sense”, he said.

He added that Nigerians are the most educated immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa in the US of which 59 per cent aged 25 and older have at least a bachelor’s degree, according to migration policy institute, which is nearly doubled the proportion of the Americans born in the US (33 per cent).

Zakaria argued that if the government was truly worried about security from the countries, it would ban all visas, not just immigrant visas. He said the government’s decision to target only permanent visas, leaving the temporary visas, suggests something else is going on. According to him, when Trump unveiled the new immigration plan in 2019, he said he wants English speaking immigrants who could assimilate easily and give back to the country.

Zakaria said if that is what Trump wants, Nigerian immigrants who make up the largest group of Sub-Saharan Africans in the US as of 2017 “check all those boxes. They are some of the most educated immigrants in America. Nigerian immigrants tend to work high skilled jobs, 54 per cent are in largely white-collar positions in business, management, science, and the art compared to the 39 per cent of people born in the US,” he added.

This, according to Zakaria’s analysis, means that Nigerian immigrants have significant spending power.

The American journalist also cited a new report by the New American Economy, which states that Nigerian immigrants in the US in 2018 made more than $14 billion and paid more than $4 billion in taxes. The report also states that Nigerian diaspora around the world sent back almost $24 billion in remittances, contributing to the Nigerian economy that is “more dynamic than many people, including Trump himself realise”.

According to the journalist, the Centre for Global Development reported that Nigeria is a country where the middle-class is increasing in education and aspiration. It is also America’s second-largest trade partner and the US wants to double its investments and trading in Africa.

President Donald Trump had some weeks ago extended the country’s controversial travel ban list to impose visa restrictions on six more countries. Nigeria, which happens to be the largest economy in Africa and the most populous nation on the continent, was included in the list. While the Trump administration included Nigeria on the travel ban list to keep America safe from terrorists, CNN report concluded that the decision was not smart.


    19 replies
    Christy Ughulu
    Christy Ughulu Many Nigerians in Nigeria were singing his praises. Good for them. We try to tell them about him but some of them are clueless about his beliefs. Now they see
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Terry Paul David
      Terry Paul David The prince in Nigeria recently passed away. In his shelter they found 400 million dollars in currency. He had been trying to give it away for many years but no one returned his emails
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Nwankwo Ebere Oliver
      Nwankwo Ebere Oliver Nigerians are capable of turning Nigeria into the world’s most prosperous nation if only we can all “pee” into one WC. I see the ban as a welcome development that will force our professionals to sit back and unleash their potentials locally. CNN isSee more
     · Reply  · 3h
    • Angelique Mayers
      Angelique Mayers It’s funny to me because most Americans of Nigerian descent voted for him.
     · Reply  · 14h
    • John Paul
      John Paul We don’t need such news to make us feel bad about Mr trump, he should please include all the our leaders their children too, they can mess up our Country and want enjoy good roads and security in America! let face the fact the democrat funded our current president, and see what is going in Nigeria today.
     · Reply  · 13h
    • Akpienbi Emmanuel Boluwatife
      Akpienbi Emmanuel Boluwatife This is interesting, it’s the way we all have placed ourselves before these people. We value their country more than our own. Now see the result. It all started with our leaders, they send their children abroad to enjoy this good life there while innocSee more
     · Reply  · 9h
    • Yolanda Wray
      Yolanda Wray I can’t believe this person the Nigerian I have always work with have always been the best at what they do smart intellectual and it’s a shame and they’re more will travel the most of us Americans
     · Reply  · 13h
    • Maurice Ike
      Maurice Ike Mr. Fareed you are a clown. Trump is the best thing that happened to America. You know nothing about Nigeria, I leave here in the northern part of the country, I don’t know what is going on here. Shot up
     · Reply  · 13h
    • Merghani Maghai
      Merghani Maghai Born in your own land, study in your own land work in your own land and die in your own land
      First make your home a best place to live. Life is equally one, it’s just depend on how you deals with it I’d different environment. Stay at home folks. ✌🤓
     · Reply  · 14h
    • Matt Aadland
      Matt Aadland It is always the latter since he has no understanding of the former.
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Sampson Nchima
      Sampson Nchima Nigeria 🇳🇬 has all it takes to be great. But we choose to patronize greener pastures abroad because of bad leadership. Let the ban reset our brains.
     · Reply  · 37m  · Edited
    • Thato Bonang
      Thato Bonang With all the oil and other mineral resources it just shows you that the game has been switched to mental slavery now, if i was the Nigerian President I’ll ban Americans too.
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Brad Blackman
      Brad Blackman Hmmmm, obviously he doesn’t think before he speaks. It’s the fact that Nigeria has gaps in it security and anyone wanting to gain access to the US could come through their country. Makes you think.
     · Reply  · 8h
    • Klement Omogbai
      Klement Omogbai Trump know what we may not know. It is deeper than what just a peasant can understand. The cabals in the presidency surely knows everything.
     · Reply  · 9h
    • Bryson Millows
      Bryson Millows It was Never about National Security, otherwise Saudi Arabia would be on ‘ The List.’
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Franky Ugwu
      Franky Ugwu I can’t wait for when Nigeria will get the right leader so the world will see and recognise that Nigeria’s are amongst the brightest and best people on this planet. America’s lose anyway.
     · Reply  · 13h
    • Carroll Chartier

      Carroll Chartier It has nothing to do with education dear nigerians, it’s about your color. 😢😢😢 Have no doubt. And he has no clue how educated you are and how goal oriented you all are.

      Please vote him out if your status allow!!!

     · Reply  · 9h
    • Emma Madu
      Emma Madu Nothing lasts forever. It would have been better if he had banned all visas. So that we will pay our Embassy staff from here instead of screwing Nigerians without issuing them visas.
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Chijioke Nnadi
      Chijioke Nnadi U.S government should arrest all the Nigeria official because they are the one committing crimes above all God bless Biafra
     · Reply  · 5h  · Edited
    • Aderemi Adejuwon A
      Aderemi Adejuwon A Seriously nobody complain in Nigeria 🇳🇬 to us it was welcome development…. And Nigeria government is working along with Sectary Pempo fix d lapses
     · Reply  · 14h
    • Nick Anderson
      Nick Anderson Well, it is good thing. American embassy in Nigeria has ripped Nigerians open for several decades. They have been collecting visa fees of about $160 dollars from each visa applicant without issuing them visits. At least now, they have made it open so that the people can stop wasting their money…. The embassy’s revenue will definitely drop. So, their staff should be expecting retrenchment or salary cut.
     · Reply  · 14h
    • Barnabas Ik
      Barnabas Ik to the whole world Nigeria is in mess. the world shall be happier with a disintegrated Nigeria. Nigeria currently is in the state of Somalia Syria etc support biafra Freedom
     · Reply  · 14h
    • John Hermansen
      John Hermansen By popular demand, trump has been added to Canada’s travel ban list.
     · Reply  · 11h
    • Glynnis Fitzpatrick
      Glynnis Fitzpatrick who the hell wants to go to America with him in office anyway? Nigeria are one of the lucky ones.
     · Reply  · 14h
    • Nancy Fry
      Nancy Fry MILLIONS of Americans are so proud of President Trump! Finally, a president for the people that protects our borders and interests. 🤩
      There is no downside for America with this policy.
     · Reply  · 11h
    • Harold Sargent
      Harold Sargent CNN editorializing and setting up strawman fallacy…. but since their sheeple are absent of logic, they’re gonna have an ignorant advocate.
     · Reply  · 14h
    • Steven P. Schonfeld

      Steven P. Schonfeld The solution is simple. The president of Nigeria needs to ask Jared Kushner if they could put a Trump Golf Course in the country.

      They could call it Mar-a-Lagos.

     · Reply  · 14h  · Edited
    • Jason Young
      Jason Young I have encountered several Russian bots on Facebook. Posing as Nigerians. Trying to influence our electorate. Trump is still accepting foreign interference. Vote him out! And put him in prison.
     · Reply  · 14h
    • Stella Oyegun-Edoimioya
      Stella Oyegun-Edoimioya 9/11 then Pensacola yet 3000 American soldiers sent to protect Saudi Arabia. Build a trump tower in Abuja and Lagos and trump will look the other way. It’s not about national security but trump’s greed.
     · Reply  · 8h
    • Esra Tramseno
      Esra Tramseno Well, he has a whole lot of supporters in Nigeria so one would have thought he would have WANTED them. Maybe he realises they are from a nation notorious for scams and doesn’t welcome competition.
     · Reply  · 3h
    • Thornton Jonathan
      Thornton Jonathan The World 🌎 is becoming more colorful and its inevitable! Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives!
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Justin Walker
      Justin Walker He has the right, get over it
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Jason D Paisley
      Jason D Paisley So everyone in Nigeria who was supporting President Trump because you think prosperity gospel is a thing how about now?
     · Reply  · 8h
    • Mohammed Mudashiru Olaitan
      Mohammed Mudashiru Olaitan Yes, the man Trump is afraid of Nigeria because Nigeria is the next to rule American 2020. No Nigeria no American. We are their to safe them, tell them.
     · Reply  · 12h
    • Jeff Voshall
      Jeff Voshall Funny how they always fail to mention that it’s “obama’s travel ban” created by the obama administration years before President Trump was even elected. 🤔
     · Reply  · 3h
    • Claudia Cuca-fresca
      Claudia Cuca-fresca But reading some comments on CNN looked he had a very supportive fanbase in Nigeria. Losing maybe to Russia.
     · Reply  · 12h
    • Ccynthia Coleman
      Ccynthia Coleman This country was taken from people of color, Indians.
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Alexander Nwachukwu
      Alexander Nwachukwu CNN should stop crying more than the bereaved, even some states in Nigeria need to place on travel ban to other states.
     · Reply  · 11h
    • Gene Hufford
      Gene Hufford I am a Prince from Nigeria and I need money to buy stuff
     · Reply  · 13h
    • Shannon Mitchell
      Shannon Mitchell It’s so sad to see how many people are obsessed with our President and literally live their lives trying to bring him down. Pathetic!
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Prosper Stephen
      Prosper Stephen I’m a Nigerian, and that’s a security issues not immigration issues?
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Marcus Dyck
      Marcus Dyck I worked for an oilfield company that had some of its workers kidnapped and help for ransom in Nigeria.
     · Reply  · 6h
    • Derrick Childress
      Derrick Childress All of a sudden everyone is supporting Nigeria and it’s people. Yesterday they did not even know it was a country.
     · Reply  · 10h
    • Philip Ose Asamu
      Philip Ose Asamu ….that argument makes alot of sense,don’t just sit at the comfort of your studio and argue blindly.
     · Reply  · 15h
    • Janet Turnbough
      Janet Turnbough So are you saying that everyone who comes from there is a criminal?
     · Reply  · 14h
    • Patrick Omagbemi
      Patrick Omagbemi The ban did not come as a surprise to me. Haven observed the behavioral pattern of Trump, the worst is yet to come.
     · Reply  · 3h
    • Vincent Onyeukwu
      Vincent Onyeukwu Oga live this your analysis you are not in nigeria to see things for your self, the level of insecurity is some thing that the nigerian government don’t have solution to currently as we peak
     · Reply  · 2h
    • Paula Mitchell
      Paula Mitchell Another undependable government who can’t be reliably for proper
      vetting of people coming from that country, into America. .
     · Reply  · 12h  · Edited
    • Richard Clark
      Richard Clark Republicans don’t brown or black you have to be be white then it’s alright!!!!!
     · Reply  · 13h

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